Borrow to Invest with Manulife One Account

Borrow to Invest with Manulife One Account

Imagine a banking service that can streamline your banking while making your mortgage work harder at creating wealth for you. This innovative, ‘all-in-one’ account turns your income into a powerful debt-reduction strategy while the accompanying low-interest, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) conveniently covers all your expenses. Welcome to Manulife ONE.

You can accelerate your wealth by borrowing against the equity in your home through your HELOC. Invest in securities and keep your loan separate in one of your sub-accounts. This provides an easy and accurate way to track your loan. Depending on the investments, you can also claim the interest expense as a tax deduction. This will reduce your taxable income.

Your Carte Financial Advisor can help you plan a powerful investment and tax strategy in this way, using your Manulife One account. This works with certain stocks that pay eligible dividends, such as mutual funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, limited partnerships, and mortgage-backed securities.

There are no tax advantages available through your mortgage, so you can funnel your extra cash into paying this down. Your HELOC limit will increase accordingly, and this provides immediate access to more money that you can leverage for investing.

Be your own banker and control all your finances together with the power of a Manulife One account. Your Carte Financial Advisor can help you set this up.