Buy and Forget

Buy and Forget

Think back to a decade ago and the investing strategy you were following. If your wealth has been growing, it’s because you had some sort of plan. Right now, your next 10 years of money moves have begun. How can you make the most of the time ahead?

Warren Buffet is legendary for investing in trusted companies that increase in value over time. His is not a get-rich-quick approach. If you follow this strategy, your next 10 years of investing will be in solid, well-positioned companies with excellent management, offering good potential.

Work with your Carte Financial Advisor to identify some promising corporate stocks, then do your homework. Investigate companies whose operational philosophy is something that makes sense to you. A business model you understand. With this basic logic, you can ask yourself: where do you see the future?

What companies are well managed and dependable, showing strong, steady growth? Are the executives reinvesting profits back into its operations, or is there an opportunity to make passive income through the distribution of dividends?

Carefully choose your investment targets. Buy, and then forget about them. They will do remarkably well if chosen correctly.