Save On Taxes and Stress While Investing

Save On Taxes and Stress While Investing

You can create a carefree retirement strategy, with no risk of running out of money, by purchasing an annuity. These safe investments are financially backed by Canada’s insurance companies. They allow you to simply enjoy life, with a guaranteed monthly income and no worries about managing your money.

In retirement, the investments you are counting on to support yourself will fluctuate with market conditions. This brings the stress of tapping into your original capital at times, and the need to constantly manage your money.

Annuities are an insurance product where your money is pooled and invested together with other Canadians. The insurer professionally manages the investments, while you receive a guaranteed income stream.

There are numerous features available. You can choose different payment options and terms. Shrewd planning can significantly reduce your yearly taxes. Ask your Carte Financial Planner to help develop an ideal strategy for your specific needs.

One major benefit of annuities is the carefree lifestyle from having someone else do all the work for you. They’ve been around since the 1980s, offering tax efficiency along with peace of mind from a guaranteed income, one that won’t fluctuate with market conditions.