What Does ‘Rich’ Mean?

What Does ‘Rich’ Mean?

Being rich isn’t always about a specific dollar amount. Retirement dreams, and the finances that fuel these plans, are different for each person. How much money will you be needing for your dream?

It all depends on your lifestyle preferences, combined with any fixed expenses. Make it your goal to create enough passive income that your leisurely future is assured, however you envision it to be. Even with a small pension you can produce a net profit with a second revenue stream.

It’s really up to you. Choose the lifestyle you want. Work with your Carte Financial Advisor to evaluate your income vs outflow, project your needs, and develop a plan to achieve the retirement life you desire.

After calculating your pension and assets, you can fill in any gaps through other revenue sources. Carefully planning passive income will make the most of your existing assets and also your future.

Develop passive income today and you will enjoy a more prosperous retirement. Your Carte Financial Advisor can help you plan a great strategy.