Begin Your Life Together on the Right Financial Footing

Begin Your Life Together on the Right Financial Footing

As a recently married couple, you are both learning to share and work together on a lot of important issues. Your finances are necessarily one of them. Money flows to those who know how to make it grow. If you truly desire a prosperous future, then it’s essential to learn how to set mutual financial goals.

Below are 5 tips for newlyweds.

  1. Having this conversation is important. All the time. Start with developing a budget where you define both your income and your fixed expenses (housing, food, insurance, etc.). Then create a spending plan that you review monthly. If you are both employed, sort out how you will share your income and pay your fixed expenses. You need to reach agreement about how much you will spend, and how much you will save.
  2. You’re in love; you want to have a great time together; to travel, to enjoy fun evenings with your friends. It’s essential to enjoy life, but equally important to balance the fun with achieving your dreams. The more lavish your lifestyle, the harder it will be to save any money.
  3. Get that budget and spending plan set down on paper. If you don’t, you won’t have clearly defined your mutual financial goals. You won’t realize what you are each spending. Where all that cash is going each month. Review it monthly and commit to talking openly and honestly about your progress.
  4. When you are ready, this conversation can be expanded to include all the many tools and tips for investing and building wealth. A good Financial Advisor can help with this.
  5. Income other than fixed expenses is discretionary money that you can begin saving. Start first with an emergency fund. Aim for a liquid cash reserve equal to 3-6 months of income. Because life can take unexpected turns, and a financial cushion is important for your peace of mind. An unexpected expense can very quickly get you into financial trouble.

Use these tips to make a firm start on building your financial literacy and your prosperous future together. Start with good communication, a commitment to teamwork, and some astute financial planning. Contact your Financial Advisor for more ways to prosper together.

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