Debt and The Family Business

Debt and The Family Business

Life insurance offers strategic advantages for estate planning. Use your policy to create tax-free wealth for your heirs. Or provide cash to pay taxes and preserve existing assets. With careful planning and a smart tax strategy, you can turn life insurance into a great legacy for your family.

Estate planning should take into consideration the protection of a family business. To achieve this, life insurance can offer a tax and probate free source of immediate cash that goes directly to your beneficiary. This will help address many problems and prevent the untimely or unwanted sale of assets.

Discuss your corporate situation with your Carte Financial Advisor. Develop a clear plan of how life insurance can work to protect your business. Create instructions for your family to follow. The death benefit from your policy could be used to retire corporate loans and other non- financial debt. This can help maximize the value of the business, should you wish it to be sold.

The cash flow could prevent the untimely sale of assets, such as during a market downturn. Or buy out a partner to keep the business in the family. Or pay expenses while new leadership is hired to continue your legacy.

Leverage life insurance to protect both your family and your estate. Ask your Carte Financial Advisor to show you the best options for accomplishing your estate planning goals.