Don’t Count on Anyone to Teach You Financial Literacy

Don’t Count on Anyone to Teach You Financial Literacy

Life-long financial literacy. It’s not taught in school, but it should be. It’s one of the most important skills you will ever need. Learning how to manage your money is a layered process that begins with the basics and, as your income grows, involves more complex strategies. It defines how wealthy you ultimately become.

Are you committed to mastery of your financial literacy? The stakes are high. Money is a tool that can benefit you throughout your lifetime—or it can be the anchor that drags you down into debt and despair.

It requires committing to personal accountability for the lifestyle you choose to follow. Will you empty out your bank account every month? Or will financial discipline lead you to save and build your money wisely?

Wealth creation comes from skillfully leveraging available strategies to manage, save and invest your money. What accounts work best for handling your expenses and savings? How do you build a solid credit score? How can you use a credit card wisely, reining in the impulse toward retail therapy? How do you avoid interest charges, and stay on track every month? When should you borrow money, and how do you protect your investments?

At the core of it all is a budget. This is your wealth planner, showing you the difference between your needs and your wants. It reveals your cash flow; helps make life-long decisions about how you spend—and save—money. How to pay off debt. You plan with it for big-ticket items such as holidays and luxury purchases. Your budget helps you do it all.

Learn how to maintain a life-long savings habit; and where to get the best interest rates. Acquire the basics of investing strategy. Discover the difference between good debt and bad debt. Grow from there.

Commit to a monthly review of your earnings, savings and investments. This is your portfolio and, no matter how modest at first, it becomes the foundation of a secure, affluent lifestyle. Use available technology to support your growing skills. Such as a mobile banking app to get constant updates about the health of your bank accounts.

Instead of your money controlling you, you control your money: this is lifelong financial literacy. Like so many before you, these skills can be acquired. Give us a call to discuss what you want to learn next!

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