Five Reasons to Do Annual Life Insurance Reviews

Five Reasons to Do Annual Life Insurance Reviews

A life insurance policy can provide financial support for the people you love, long after you’re gone. That’s your priority. However, life changes from year to year; a review of your policies will ensure you continue to achieve this goal.

What might have altered and how can it affect your family? Here are 5 important considerations.

1. Family Changes
Consider the effect of a growing family. Maybe a new baby, an adoption, or stepchildren were added into the mix. Or extended family came to live with you from another place or country.

New family members need to be reflected in your coverage. It protects a growing family’s financial future.

2. Marital Changes
You may have gotten married or divorced. Ensure your policy reflects such changes. This doesn’t happen automatically.

Remove previously named beneficiaries if necessary. Ensure they are not legally entitled to the funds you have arranged as protection for your loved ones.

3. Adult Children
Perhaps your children have reached adulthood and now live independently. This can alter your strategy. You might change the beneficiary to your spouse, for additional protection.

Children who are now studying away from home are still depending on you. Ensure the death benefit will provide enough so they can continue their courses.

4. Health Changes
For you or your partner, an emerging health issue can quickly alter the family’s budget. Complicated medical conditions are expensive. As you grow older, ensure your life insurance has accounted for the future cost of health care.

Additionally, consider protecting yourselves from a potential injury. One that could make it impossible for you to work.

An elderly parent’s medical needs could require an assisted living facility. Or you may have moved them into your home for closer care. Ensure your family has the means to meet these costs if you’re not around.

You might also take out a policy for an elderly parent. It could help cover their final expenses.

5. Coverage Changes
Take a look at your coverage. Is a term policy expiring? Should you convert it to a whole life policy? Or should you purchase additional insurance to accommodate your family’s changing needs?

Each year can bring potential changes that alter the security of your family. Do a yearly review with your Financial Advisor to be sure they’re fully protected.