Good News About Life and Critical Illness Insurance

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Good News About Life and Critical Illness Insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that anyone could confront a debilitating, potentially life-threatening condition at any time. This makes it more important than ever before to have the right insurance products in place — including both life and critical illness insurance.

Some people are put off by concerns about rigorous qualifying criteria, or having to take a medical exam, and as a result they never get around to obtaining these vital forms of insurance.

The good news is, most insurance companies have made changes in response to COVID-19 to ensure that Canadians are protected even in this difficult time. Some have changed their limits, age restrictions and their application processes.

That means you may now be able to get the coverage you need more easily and more quickly.

Focus on recovery

Critical illness insurance provides a tax-free payout if you’re diagnosed with certain specified conditions, enabling you to focus on your recovery, replace lost income if your spouse want to take a unpaid leave of absence; modify home to accommodate change in physical or mental capacity; pay for hotels on treatment days to avoid lengthy commutes; hire a nanny to keep things as normal as possible for the children; take a well deserved family vacation post recovery at an all inclusive resort for the whole family; fund a career change post recovery; take care of bucket list items.

One of the companies we work with only requires you to answer a few simple questions to determine if you are eligible. There’s no medical exam, and you may be eligible even with certain pre- existing conditions.
Some products will refund a portion of your critical illness insurance premiums after a certain amount of time without claims, making coverage more affordable over the long term.

Protect your family or estate

Life insurance is an important estate planning tool, providing a lump sum payout that provides financial support to your loved ones if something should happen to you.

One provider we work with issues policies instantly upon approval, so there’s no wait time. The application consists of answering a few questions, with no medical required.

You can choose a 10-year or 20-year term, during which period the premium amount is guaranteed. At the end of the term you have the option to renew the policy at an adjusted rate. There is also a Term 100 option for continuous coverage for your entire lifetime, at a guaranteed premium until age 100 (after that point, premiums are waived).

If you’re concerned about your coverage, your Carte Financial Group advisor can help you apply for life and critical illness insurance, in the right amounts, so you have peace of mind even in these challenging times.

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