Here Is Why LTD Insurance Details Matter

Here Is Why LTD Insurance Details Matter

A private LTD policy can be highly personalized to exactly fit your needs. There are riders (optional provisions) that tailor the type of benefits you can expect, such as having your pension contributions topped up. You can start with a smaller policy and add a rider that allows you to increase your policy when your income increases, without providing new medical information.

You can also specify the interval before you will receive your disability benefit, and for how long you will be covered. Adjusting these two options will change the monthly cost.

Workplace policies tend to offer only basic coverage. Your Carte Financial Advisor can help you carefully assess the policy you purchased when you were hired. In most cases, after reviewing the details, you will find yourself needing additional coverage.

Private LTD insurance makes more sense than the generic policy offered through a workplace. Which, in any case, will be canceled if you quit your job.

Defend yourself from unforeseen threats to your health and security. Discuss LTD insurance with your Carte Financial Advisor and ensure that your future income is protected.