Protect Family Assets

Protect Family Assets

Life insurance offers strategic advantages for estate planning. Use your policy to create tax-free wealth for your heirs. Or provide cash to pay taxes and preserve existing assets. With careful planning and a smart tax strategy, you can turn life insurance into a great legacy for your family.

You naturally want to ensure as much as possible of your estate will stay within your family. Taxes and probate fees can take a big bite out of all that you worked so hard to create. Life insurance is your solution.

After you die, your assets will be valued as if sold (called deemed disposition) and then taxed. The immediate payout from your life insurance policy will cover estate costs and protect beloved assets.

The family cottage is a good example. Unlike your principal residence, it will be assessed for capital gains on its accrued value. Often, the result is a huge tax bill that can force bereaved families to sell their beloved summer place. You can prevent this.

Ask your Carte Financial Advisor to help you estimate how much insurance you need to protect your estate. The right policy will help your family to confidently face such unexpected expenses.