Protection For Business Assets

Protection For Business Assets

In today’s market, there aren’t a lot of guarantees about investing. What will happen if you face a market downturn just as you expect to withdraw your money? Segregated funds insure against this, offering good investment returns and the comfort of knowing your money is protected.

If you’re a business owner or self-employed professional, segregated funds provide an added layer of financial security. They help you separate your personal savings from your professional liabilities. This is a key difference between mutual funds and segregated funds.

Because they are an insurance contract, segregated funds can offer protection against creditors in the case of bankruptcy. The available liability protection can also protect your assets from a lawsuit. Ask your Carte Financial Planner to explain how this works.

In addition, by naming a specific beneficiary, you ensure that your funds will also function as life insurance. Should you die, your segregated fund policy will be paid directly, and swiftly, to your loved one or a specified charity.

The death benefit is excluded from your estate, passing directly to the beneficiary, and typically placing it beyond the reach of estate creditors. This immediate payout also bypasses estate fees and taxes.