Retirement Protection Against Downturns

Retirement Protection Against Downturns

In today’s market, there aren’t a lot of guarantees about investing. What will happen if you face a market downturn just as you expect to withdraw your money? Segregated funds insure against this, offering good investment returns and the comfort of knowing your money is protected.

As you draw near to retirement, you face many stresses and changes. Worry about your investments doesn’t have to be included. The guaranteed payout of segregated funds will protect your money against a stock market plunge just when you need access to your savings.

Your Carte Financial Advisor can show how segregated funds can limit your potential losses from a market downturn. Depending on the contract you choose, you’re guaranteed to get back 75% to 100% of your investment, regardless of market prices at the time of your fund’s maturity date.

Choose the insurance guarantee level that works best for your financial situation. Just like mutual funds, professional management of your investments will ensure you capitalize on market growth.

As your investments gain in value, you can even “lock in” that higher value. Segregated funds protect your money as it grows into a satisfying nest egg.