Tax Season: Tackle Math Anxiety

Tax Season: Tackle Math Anxiety

Tax season can shine a spotlight on your financial worries. Just thinking about filing your tax return might bring on stress symptoms. Tune down that tension with some smart strategies to help you feel more in control of your finances. Build your wealth and turn tax time to your advantage.

For some people, doing the paperwork to complete their taxes is simply overwhelming. Not everyone is a natural numbers person. If you have math anxiety, consider hiring a tax specialist or investing in good tax software.

Don’t avoid this troublesome task. Or you’ll be talking to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about high penalties from an overdue bill. Ask your Carte Financial Advisor for help, and gain lots of guidance to soothe you through this scary task.

Take advantage of CRA’s online filing system, NETFILE, to speed up your remittance process. Find the access code you will need on your Notice of Assessment from last year, or through the My Account portal.

Last year, CRA received around 90% of tax returns electronically. Pair yours with direct deposit to get your refund in about two weeks. That’s almost as fast as the instant refund option many tax preparation companies offer, at no extra cost.

Expert support and planning can turn your tax-time stress into a tax triumph. Make the process easier on yourself with professional advice from your Financial Advisor.