The Healthy Taxpayer

The Healthy Taxpayer

Tax season can shine a spotlight on your financial worries. Just thinking about filing your tax return might bring on stress symptoms. Tune down that tension with some smart strategies to help you feel more in control of your finances. Build your wealth and turn tax time to your advantage.

Does filing your tax return heighten any stress you have around money issues? If you’re at the bottom of a slippery fiscal slope, ask your Financial Advisor to help you climb back up.

A good budget and firm savings plan. Building your financial knowledge. Next year, you’ll have less tax time distress because you’re working toward a great financial future.

While you labour on your taxes, think of ways to check your stress. Chunk the work. Listen to music. Healthy snacks. Whatever helps you get the job done.

In a marriage, it’s often the case that one partner is a spender who avoids discussing money; the other partner is the saver and a worrier. How can you work together on this task?

Perhaps communicate financial information through notes to avoid accusations. Or take it offsite into a neutral, public setting where good behaviour will lead to a calm, reasonable discussion.