This man changed his life with Critical Illness Insurance

This man changed his life with Critical Illness Insurance

Are you prepared for the unexpected, such as a cancer diagnosis? This is the primary value of critical illness insurance: peace of mind, knowing you are protected. But many don’t realize that, should you become critically ill, a cash payout from the right policy is money you can use any way you wish. For one cancer survivor, having this insurance in place became the means to change the course of his life.

Receiving a tax-free lump sum cash payout as opposed to income payments provided by a disability policy is extremely useful. Disability payments are designed to replace your income. Critical Illness payments are in addition to your income and provide the funds for any additional costs.

Nearly half of Canadians will receive a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime, according to a 2020 report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The national number of new cases and cancer deaths has been increasing each year.

Chances are, you already know someone battling this disease. Nobody expects to receive such a dreadful diagnosis. When Stuart, at age 45, sat in his doctor’s office facing the news that cancer was growing in his foot, he was understandably terrified.

But he quickly realized the value of his critical illness policy. It would provide the means to support his wife and two pre-teen children while he fought to save his life.

In Canada, the cancer rate is growing, but Stuart was among the many Canadians who survived their illness. He lost a toe on his right foot and spent some time in a treatment program. When he was discharged from the cancer center, the funds left from his

$250,000 policy payout were nowhere near exhausted and lessened the financial impact while his spouse was able to take an unpaid leave of absence after using up her vacation time while providing care.

The remaining funds became a pot of money he used to pursue his dream. Stuart’s fascination with the financial industry had been growing steadily over the 20 years since his career as an elementary school teacher began. Now, having faced one of the most frightening diagnoses available—and surviving cancer—he knew it was time to really live the life he desired.

He’d been limiting his interest to protecting his family with some good insurance while keeping a keen eye on the investment market. But that policy money, coupled with early retirement from teaching, helped him dive headlong into becoming a financial services specialist.

Cancer was a wake-up call for Stuart. A good critical illness policy supported his response. Critical illness insurance offers you peace of mind, and you control how the money is used. Talk to your Financial Advisor about which policy will offer you the best benefits.

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